The 21 Best Chicken Wings in America

The building housing The Tavern turned 100 a couple of years back, but in more recent news, the venerable hangout received a bit of a makeover after changing ownership hands earlier this year -- luckily, said new owners knew better than to mess with the wings. The Tavern has a singular -- wingular? -- focus that's manifested itself in the "Amazing White Wings" which are wrapped in bacon and jalapeños and covered in house-made hot sauce (there are also traditional Buffalo wings tossed in that sauce, but who are you kidding?). Whether you have to fight the Downtown lunch crowd by day or dodge a whole kickball team's worth of 20-somethings in neon T-shirts by night, these wings are definitely worth it. -- ML

The 19 Best Burgers In Austin - Austin - The Infatuation

The Tavern--Their delicious mess of a burger is meant to be eaten while watching jai alai, Greyhound racing, or whatever other obscure sport is on TV. They offer a few topping combinations, but we opt to build our own starting with the Regular Ole Burger. The patty itself is juicy even if someone orders it medium and we like to top it with cheddar cheese and grilled peppers and onions.

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Legend has it, The Tavern on 12th and Lamar is haunted by the ghost of a girl named Emily, who hangs out near the upstairs bar. The Tavern is one of the oldest bars in Austin and as the story goes, it used to be a brothel. Emily was allegedly a sex worker who was murdered by soldiers.Rodolfo Gonzalez/AMERICAN-STATESMAN